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I am committed to opening up writing opportunities to people from all backgrounds based on ability to write rather than ability to pay. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to finance pay-what-you-can and free spots exclusively from my own pocket. So, if you've downloaded these resources and are in a position to support narrowing the access gap to creative writing opportunities, I would be very grateful if you would consider buying me a virtual coffee.

*Any money donated to my Ko-fi page will be used to fund free and reduced price places for my Write Beyond The Lightbulb courses, as well as to provide free editing and mentoring opportunities for low-income writers, and to support other opportunities that seek to level the playing field.


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Free Resources from Elsewhere
Where to send your stories

DL Shirey - The Short List (Extensive list of venues accepting short fiction submissions arranged by maximum number of words)

Chill Subs (Site with search tools to find lit mag submission opportunities)

Humour-friendly Publications (List of publications that accept humour and comedy writing)

Hybrid-friendly Publications (List of publications that accept unconventional / hybrid pieces)

Erika Krouse Rankings (Erika Krouse's ranking of literary magazines)

Brecht De Poortere's Rankings (Brecht de Poortere's ranking of literary magazines by number of Twitter followers)

Publishers for Novellas-in-Flash (Michael Loveday's list of publishers for Novellas in Flash)

Newsletters, Craft Essays, Exercises, Prompts and Courses

Kathy Fish Substack (Flash fiction craft articles and prompts from Kathy Fish)

Matt Bell Substack (General articles on writing craft from Matt Bell)

Nina Schuyler Substack (Craft analysis on sentences and words from Nina Schuyler) 

Tommy Dean Substack (Flash fiction craft articles and prompts from Tommy Dean)

Brevity Craft Essays (Writing craft essays at Brevity magazine)

Cleaver Craft Essays (Writing craft essays at Cleaver magazine)

Craft Literary Essays (Writing craft essays at Craft Literary)

Electric Lit Craft Essays (Writing craft essays at Electric Lit)

Smokelong Quarterly Craft Essays (Reviews and craft essays at Smokelong Quarterly)

The Itch of Writing Resources (Treasure trove of writing resources from Emma Darwin)

Humour Writing Resources (Tips, recommended courses, craft book recommendations, and markets lists from Julie Vick)

EdX Free Writing Courses (Free online writing courses on everything from rhetoric to structuring a novel)

Lessons from a Distance (24 free writing lessons from well-known writers of fiction, non-fiction and poetry)

Writers HQ Writing Exercises (Collection of free writing exercises from Writers HQ)

Toby Litt's Starting to Write Course (10-part writing course for complete beginners)

NCFW Writer Resource Pack (Writer resource pack from National Centre for Writing)

Michael Loveday's Novella-in-Flash resources (A collection of essays and interviews for anyone contemplating the novella-in-flash form)

Michael Loveday's Novella-in-Flash writing prompts (Useful prompts for novella-in-flash writers, but also for writers of other forms)

The Future Bookshelf Blog (Tips and techniques from published authors)

The Writing Cooperative (Articles on creativity, writing, editing, publishing, and everything in between)

London Litlab Tips and Exercises (Selection of writing tips and exercises from London Litlab)

The Elements Of Style (Free-to-access version of "The Elements of Style" by William Strunk, Jr.)

The Forest of Rhetoric (Online guide to the terms of classical and renaissance rhetoric)

One Look Thesaurus (Free online thesaurus with extensive lists that go beyond simple synonyms, giving the ability to search by tone and part of speech)

Coupon Follow Money-Saving Guides for Authors and Writers (List of useful links to free courses, style sheets and how-to guides for everything from coming up with ideas to pitching to agents)

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