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Flash Fiction


Fictive Dream (Biffy 50 Nominated)

"From its cutting edge, the shards of an onion dribble onto the worktop; sliced like rose petals; like tear drops; like acid rain."


Casanova's Mistress

Bath Flash Fiction (Long List)

"She is afraid of emptiness. He says he isn’t afraid of anything but that isn’t true. He is afraid of slithering things."


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The Drabble

"The inner cavern is a spiral galaxy of planets and stars. It pulses like a bullfrog’s throat – alive but dying."


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End of the Line

Splonk (Best of the Net Nominated)

"Oh Ifracombe! She took the bus since there were no more trains. She was a green thing. Fell for a fisherman with seaweed in his beard."


How to Refill an Invisible Balloon

Green Stories (3rd Place)

"His mum’s red balloon has shrivelled like a sun-dried tomato and is hanging limply by her left ankle."



Important to Us

Potato Soup Journal

"P is a dynamo. Kneeling. Arms like a sprint canoeist. She opens a packing box and scrabbles through the contents."



It was the Horse that Killed Her

Retreat West (Quarterly Flash Fiction Winner)

"Ambulance outside Old Lady’s house. Its blue light whirligigs round."


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Life at the Colliery

FlashBack Fiction (Included on Biffy 50 2019-2020)

"It’s dark. Darker than coal. Darker than Ma’s eyes when I came home caked in mud after football."


a list of things that are white

Fictive Dream

"in the chapel, the chaplain’s cassock; her teeth, enamelled gravestones that bite words in half."


The Long Road

Lunate Fiction

"We’re on the long road, you and me. Dirt not tarmac. Potholes and pebbles. The trees either side weave their boughs into an almost-arch."


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Punctuation Marks in an Unknown Key

Reflex Press (Long List)

"Morning. Post-wake-up kiss. Stretch. Shower. Dress. Lingering gaze in your direction as I leave the bedroom."


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Rag-doll and Puppet-man

Bath Flash Fiction (Long List)

"Rag-doll skitters into the kitchen where she melts cheese strings over Doritos in the microwave."


Stepping Out

Bending Genres

"My second first steps are like a walrus in stilettos. Quick, slow, quick, quick, slow. Jelly legs buckling at the knees."


Surreal Portraits of the Future Us

Craft Literary

"In five years, on Space Mountain, we’ll blast asteroids to clear a path through the Milky Way."


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Short Stories

An Adverb Reacted Wearily

Queen Mob's Teahouse

"It was a morning for seizing the proverbial bull by the proverbial horns."


All the Pieces of Shattered Glass


"Clock ticking. Temperature below the acceptable minimum and not even the slightest sign of the heating..."


La Maldadita

The Cabinet of Heed

"Other times, I dream of anthropomorphic octopi who wear polka dot swimsuits and sip paper-umbrella-accessorised mojitos."


Red Route

"The dull thumping of rubber against asphalt. Repetitively rhythmic as my trainers hit the slick surface of the pot-holed pavement."


The Wall

Collective Unrest

"It sprung up overnight. Unexpected, it stood there as we all opened our curtains, bleary-eyed, in the morning. A divider line."


Under an Aurora Sky

Lucent Dreaming

"Sometimes, an animal takes form within one of the little clouds, or a person, or even a landscape—places away from the harsh expanse..."


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