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One-to-One Mentoring

Just starting out on your writing journey? Or perhaps you're a bit further along that journey and want help honing your craft at a word / sentence level? Or are you embarking on a new project and want some support as you take those first steps?

In a one-to-one mentorship, I'll design a bespoke package that works for you, identifying short-term and long-term goals, putting in place a programme that helps you achieve them through a mix of monthly catch-up chats, feedback on your work and email support.

How Does It Work?
Monthly catch-up

A one hour chat via Google Meet. A chance to:

  • Discuss and develop your ideas 

  • Work through issues you've encountered in the previous month

  • Learn new techniques and ideas to rocket-boost your writing

  • Set achievable goals and celebrate progress

Feedback on your work

Get feedback from a professional editor on your work in order to:

  • Strengthen narrative structure

  • Deepen characterisation and emotional resonance

  • Explore themes and hidden truth

  • Polish work at the level of words / sentences


Standard pricing is as follows:


  • Monthly invoice for £50 to cover a one-hour catch-up meeting and email support. Longer meetings charged at £20 per half hour.

  • Feedback charged at £24 per hour or as per my standard editing charges (whichever is cheaper)

Other Information

How long would the mentorship last?

This depends on the goals or project scope of each particular writer. The minimum initial commitment is three months.

Can the mentorship be adapted to fit what works best for me?

At our introductory meeting, we'll work out a plan that works for you. This might involve a longer monthly catch-up to enable more one-to-one teaching and learning, or meeting more often to allow you to get from A to B at a faster pace.

When would catch-up meetings be scheduled?

Meetings would normally need to be scheduled during the following hours (Monday to Friday):

  • 10:00 - 17:00 (GMT / BST)

Meetings may also be scheduled on some Sundays at the same times as above.

I am applying for DYCP or other funding - can I use this mentorship on my application?

Please contact me in advance at to make sure we are a good fit.

I am a low income writer - can I get a funded place?

While I am committed to opening up writing opportunites to all writers based on ability to write rather than ability to pay, I am currently unable to offer fully or partially funded places.

Apply for a Mentorship Programme

Before applying, please note that I am only able to work with a limited number of writers at any one time and will therefore select writers to work with based on whether I feel I would be a good fit for your particular goals / projects. All applications will receive a response within one month.

Please apply by filling in the form below. Note that you will need to send a writing sample following completion of the form:

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