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Short Fiction Editing

Want an expert eye on a short story or flash fiction you are currently working on? Are you struggling to get to the heart of the story? Does the writing need a final polish at sentence level?

I offer a variety of editorial services for short fiction from looking at the overall structure to approaching your writing with a magnifying glass.


Editing for Novels and Novellas

Working on a novel or novella? Unsure about the overall structure or how it might come across to your reader? About to take the plunge by submitting to agents but not quite sure whether your synopsis and cover letter are up to scratch?

I offer a variety of editorial services for longer works and am happy to provide bespoke packages.


Editing for Collections​

Are you pulling together a collection of short stories or flash fiction, and want an expert opinion on how the pieces fit together into a whole? Or are you working on a novella-in-flash and want advice on how to take your project to the next stage?

I offer a variety of editorial services for short fiction collections from structural reviews to proof edits.



As a writer, Matt has been widely published in literary journals both online and in print. He has been listed in various writing competitions and his stories have been included in Biffy 50, Wigleaf 50, Best Microfiction and Best Small Fictions as well as being nominated for Best of the Net and the Pushcart Prize.

As an editor, he has previously worked at Lucent Dreaming and is currently part of the Retreat West editorial team. He has completed editorial training with both the Chartered Institute of Editorial Professionals (CIEP) and the Publishing Training Centre (PTC)

He aims for his feedback to be constructive, actionable and encouraging, pointing out both what is working well and areas that might benefit from another editing pass. He has a keen eye for how to improve writing at a word / sentence level but is also expert in identifying bigger picture issues.

Over the past four years, he has worked with over two hundred writers on various projects ranging from microfiction all the way up to novels-in-progress and everything in between.

"Matt has reviewed many of my flashes and short stories, including a soon-to-be-published novella-in-flash, and several pieces that went on to win and be placed in competitions. His feedback is always insightful, encouraging, challenging, and on time. He uses his unique blend of skills as a writer, editor, musician, teacher and linguist to highlight what works and what could be improved on structurally, rhythmically and on a sentence level. He is also a delight to deal with!"

Michelle Christophorou, Author of "Kipris"

"Not only has my writing greatly improved as a result of Matt's editing service and WBTL workshop, my confidence and desire to write has also grown. His feedback broadens the thought process in both an enlightening, and at times, skill testing way. Even his pointers of things to improve are given in a way that make me feel I am a great writer."

Jimmy Webb

"Matt's feedback is consistently excellent - if you want to take a piece to the next level, he's your guy."

Katie Oliver

"Matt helped me get from 'now what?' to 'yes, of course.' His feedback covered big picture stuff and single word choices. I'd recommend him in a heartbeat."

Dettra Rose

"If there's a weakness in your story that you're trying to sneak through, Matt will always spot it. You'll be glad of this later, more than you realise at first."


"Matt has a great eye for detail and his feedback has always been incredibly helpful."

Sam Payne

"In all seriousness, @MkenWrites is a stone cold genius and his editing/feedback is incredible. You should all consider giving him a shout but get in line behind me."

Rick White, Author of "Talking to Ghosts at Parties"

"Matt is excellent at suggesting ways to make a story become the best it can be. Positive and detailed."

Ruth Brandt, Author of "No One Has Any Intention Of Building A Wall"

"I've got some serious editing of flash stories to do after getting brilliant feedback from @MkenWrites on a batch of stories"

Amanda Saint, Author of "Remember Tomorrow"

"Matt’s critique service is one of the best I’ve used, with superb attention to detail and insightful comments. I would use him again and would happily recommend his services to other writers."

Gaynor Jones, Author of "Among These Animals"

"Thank you Matt for your excellent feedback and editorial eye on a piece I've been struggling to lift past a particular point. You have such a great eye!"

Gillian O'Shaughnessy

"I received feedback from Matt on several stories during his workshops. His feedback is insightful, actionable and encouraging and really helped me dig deeper into what I was writing."

Jamie Etheridge

"I can personally vouch for Matt's fine ear, wonderfully constructive feedback and exceptional attention to detail. If you are a typo or a plot inconsistency, a solecism or a stylistic infelicity, you better say your prayers now - because he is coming for you."

Dan Brotzel, Author of "Hotel du Jack" & "The Wolf in the Woods"

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