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Editing for Novels and Novellas

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Working on a novel or novella? Unsure about the overall structure of your work-in-progress or how it might come across to your reader? Looking to self-publish but wanting to make sure it's as good as it can get before you make it available for sale? About to take the plunge by submitting to agents but not quite sure whether your synopsis and cover letter are up to scratch?

I offer a variety of editorial services for whatever stage you've reached with your novel(la) and, if you're looking for something more bespoke, don't hesitate to get in touch.


  • First Steps Review: feedback on your outline plot and first 10,000 words (for writers who are just getting going with their first draft)

  • Structural Review: feedback on the narrative, structure, characters and emotional journey (for writers who have completed their first draft)

  • Line Edit: detailed in-line edits and comments on readability, concision, word choice, rhythm and flow (for writers who are looking to polish up their manuscript at a word / sentence level)

  • Submission Review: feedback on your cover letter, synopsis and first 10,000 words (for writers who are preparing to submit to agents)


"Matt’s critique service is one of the best I’ve used, with superb attention to detail and insightful comments. I would use him again and would happily recommend his services to other writers."

Gaynor Jones, Author of "Among These Animals"

"Matt understood my vision for my novel in a way I greatly appreciated and I knew immediately his suggested edits would elevate it. He was kind, positive and encouraging - to the point I happily dived back in to a mammoth re-write. I have since asked him to edit a second novel - if I could have him edit everything I write, I would."

Nicola Ashbrook

"If you're looking for an editor for your fiction manuscript, I can't recommend Matt Kendrick highly enough. Thorough, quick, affirming, awesome!"

Joanna Theiss
Structural Review

Have you completed your first draft but aren't sure where to go next?

In a structural review, I'll read your novel and provide a 5000+ word report that includes details of how your novel comes across to a reader:

  • Narrative - does the overall narrative arc provide a pleasing journey from A to B? Do the subplots weave as seamlessly as they could do around the central narrative? Does every scene earn its place on the page? Are there scenes that might be expanded or added to improve the overall journey? Are there any plot holes? Is there a sense of tension that makes a reader want to read on?

  • Structure - does the form of your novel(la) allow the story to unfold in the strongest fashion? Are there issues with pacing? Do backstory, side story or POV shifts work in a way that is easy to follow? Is there balance to the overall work?

  • Characters & Characterisation - are your characters three-dimensional in the way they come across? Are their motivations clear? Is it easy for a reader to connect with them? Do the relationships between characters feel believable?

  • Emotional journey - is there an emotional journey that follows the narrative one? Does the story resonate? How are the characters changed by this story?

  • Language - is the tone of voice consistent throughout? Are there general language points which might be focused on in the next edit?

  • Thematic progression - what are the main themes of the novel(la)? Are there chances to enhance these? Is there an underlying message that comes across?

Along with the overall report, I will also provide a chapter by chapter breakdown.

I aim for my feedback to be constructive, actionable and encouraging, pointing out both what is working well and areas that might benefit from further work.

For pricing information or to make an enquiry, see below.

Structural Review
Line Edit

Are you happy with the structure of your novel but want to sharpen things up at a word / sentence level?

In a line edit, I'll make in-line comments / tracked changes on your document regarding:

  • Readability - is your writing clear? Are there opportunities to rephrase to strengthen that clarity?

  • Concision - does every word earn its place on the page?

  • Word choice and tone of voice - are there particular word choices that don't work as well as they might? Is there unwanted repetition, unintended alliteration or rhyme? are there moments when the tone of your writing wavers in comparison to the overall style?

  • Flow of ideas - does the ordering of character actions or descriptive elements work to its best advantage?

  • Rhythm and flow - does each sentence flow into the next in a pleasing manner? Is there enough variation of sentence construction? Does the rhythm of the prose reflect the emotional context of the narrative? 

  • Spelling and grammar - are there any typos or missing / additional words? Is there consistency of tense? Is dialogue or internal thought formatted in a consistent manner?

​For pricing information or to make an enquiry, see below.

Line Edit
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First Steps Review

Have you just started out on your novel(la)-writing journey and want a second pair of eyes to look over what you've achieved so far?

In a first steps review, I'll look at the first 10,000 words of your draft work-in-progress along with your outline plot. I'll provide a 2000+ word report on how the story is shaping up so far, what is reeling me in as a reader and what you might want to think about before taking your next steps.

The price for this service is £140.

Submission Review

Are you thinking about submitting your novel(la) to an agent but want to get it polished up before you do?


In a submission review, I'll look at your cover letter and your synopsis along with the first 10,000 words of your novel. I'll provide a 2000+ word report full of actionable feedback on what is and isn't working in the three elements of your submission package.


The price for this service is £140.


Do you want longer term support as you progress through your novel(la)-writing journey? Details of my one-to-one mentoring service can be found here.

First Steps
Submission Review
Word Count
Structural Review
Line Edit
Up to 50k words
Up to 60k words
Up to 70k words
Up to 80k words
Up to 90k words
Up to 100k words
Additional 10k words
Request a Review or an Edit

To enquire about my availability, please email letting me know:

  • your name

  • which of the above options you are interested in

  • the word count of your manuscript

  • any time frames (i.e. competition deadlines) you are working towards

  • anything that would be helpful to you in terms of accessibility (e.g. larger font size on feedback reports)


Please put 'Editing Request' plus the title of your novel(la) as the email's subject and include a one-chapter sample either as an attachment or in the body of the email.


Please note that I only take on editing work for novel(la)s where I feel the project is a good fit and at the appropriate stage for the requested work.

I am happy to work on novel(la)s in most genres including literary fiction, contemporary fiction, historical fiction, psychological thriller, magical realism, satire, mythological, folklore, fantasy, science fiction, and young adult. I am unlikely to take on horror, romantic fiction, high fantasy or space opera novel(la)s. I also don't tend to take on children's books or non-fiction.

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