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Editing and Critique for Short Fiction Collections

Short Story / Flash Fiction Collections (including Novellas-in-Flash)

I am happy to work with authors on short fiction collections at all stages of the journey towards publication:


  • Structural Review - is your collection complete but you are unsure which stories are working well, whether you've got them in the strongest order, whether there is a thematic thread that holds everything together? In a structural review, I'll read your complete collection and provide a 1500-2000 word report that walks you through possible next steps, which stories could perhaps use some work, whether you might consider writing additional pieces to balance the whole and whether there are opportunities to strengthen the order.

  • Line Edit - are you happy with the structure of your collection but want to sharpen things up at a word / sentence level? In a line edit, I'll work through your collection and provide in-line edits on details such as word choice, tone, readability, concision, rhythm and flow as well as highlighting typos and grammatical errors.

To enquire about my availability, please email letting me know:

  • your name

  • the word count of your collection

  • an idea of what you are looking for in terms of review / editing

  • any time frames (i.e. competition deadlines) you are working towards

  • anything that would be helpful to you in terms of accessibility (e.g. larger font size on feedback reports)


Please put 'Editing Request' plus the title of your collection as the email's subject and include a one-story sample from your collection either as an attachment or in the body of the email. Please note that I only take on editing work for collections where I feel the project is at the appropriate stage for the requested work.

Prices are bespoke depending on the word count, the type of review / edit and the level of intervention needed. As a rough guide, I charge in the region of £10 per 1000 words for a structural review, £14 per 1000 words for a line edit and £7 per 1000 words for a proof edit.


"In all seriousness, @MkenWrites is a stone cold genius and his editing/feedback is incredible. You should all consider giving him a shout but get in line behind me."

Rick White, Author of "Talking to Ghosts at Parties"

"Matt has reviewed many of my flashes and short stories, including a soon-to-be-published novella-in-flash, and several pieces that went on to win and be placed in competitions. His feedback is always insightful, encouraging, challenging, and on time. He is also a delight to deal with!"

Michelle Christophorou, Author of "Kipris"

"Matt is excellent at suggesting ways to make a story become the best it can be. Positive and detailed."

Ruth Brandt, Author of "No One Has Any Intention Of Building A Wall"
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