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Please friend, let's not start a cult today

by Tom Walsh
Two men walking through a woodland

But if it’s tomorrow—I’m all in. But if it’s one of those where everyone winds up broke or dead, or in a shootout or in jail, or fighting for the master’s bed in a Netflix miniseries that runs two seasons too long—I’m out. But if it’s not one of those, come by in the morning, but not before 10. But if it’s a cliquey one with your friends from the Dead Poets fan club or a druggy one with the Crown and Pony gang—I’ll pass. But if it’s just the two of us—I’m so in.

Tom Walsh writes from Cambridge, MA. His stories can be found in Emerge, Hobart Pulp, Lost Balloon, JMWW, Bending Genres, and elsewhere. He is an assistant editor at Flash Fiction Online. Say hi

Judge's comment:

I was hoping to find a humorous gem and there were plenty of pieces sent into the prize that made me laugh. This one was the one that ultimately stayed with me through multiple reads, a depth beneath its humorous veneer.

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