Write Beyond the Lightbulb:
Lyrical Writing

How do we craft writing that is so infused with musicality it deserves to be read out loud? This flash fiction course explores various tricks and techniques which can be used to lend a lyrical quality to your writing.

Dates: No upcoming dates

Price: Pay What You Can (Recommended £85)


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Write Beyond the Lightbulb:
Glorious Words

How do we choose the right words to sharpen up our prose? Is the road to hell really paved with adverbs? This flash fiction course explores language in all its guts and glory, focussing on unique images, concision versus specificity and how to create original tone.

Dates: 14th - 27th November 2022

Price: Pay What You Can (Recommended £85)


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Write Beyond the Lightbulb:
Colourful Characters

How do we bring our characters to life? How do we get them to interact in their own unique fashion with the world around them? This flash fiction course explores body language, perspective, internal thought and writing the senses.

Dates: TBA

Price: Pay What You Can (Recommended £85)


Write Beyond the Lightbulb:
Go With The Flow

How do we create flow in our writing, sentences that slip one into the next like a river of words? This flash fiction course explores sentence craft at a molecular level, thinking about the connection of ideas, rhythmic patterns and thematic cohesion .

Dates: TBA

Price: Pay What You Can (Recommended £85)


Resources (Coming Soon)
Amalgamated Best of Lists

Spreadsheet of all Best Microfiction, BSF, Wigleaf Top 50 etc. stories

A Body Language.jpg
Body Language Bible

A thesaurus for body language covering 24 different emotions.

A Character Creator.jpg
Character Creator

A resource intended to provide inspiration for character creation and development.

A Colour Guide.jpg
Colour Guide

A list of over 200 colour names

A Competitions.jpg
Competitions List

A list of over 300 writing competition for flash, short stories and poetry

Emotions Guide

A list of over 200 different emotions

Glossary of Voices.jpg
Glossary of Voices

Word lists to conjure different voices dependent on region, group and historical setting

Novel Overview Template

A spreadsheet to help you structure your novel scene by scene

Picture Boards of Place

Collage pictures for various locations to inspire evocative writing about place

A Publishers.jpg
UK Independent Publishers List

For unagented collections of fiction or novellas / novellas-in-flash