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Write Beyond the Lightbulb - Stories Written on the Courses
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Backwards Trajectory

Karen Schauber | On the Prowl


Karen Schauber | Fowl Play

Barren Magazine

Myna Chang | The Stubbornness of Bodies

Bath Flash Fiction

Rachel O'Cleary | The Astronauts Meet for a Picnic on the First Thursday of Every Month (HIGHLY COMMENDED)

Sara Hills | Always Down a Dirt Road, I’m Walking (HIGHLY COMMENDED)

Bending Genres

Karin Hedetniemi | Divination with Marbles 

Kathryn Aldridge-Morris | Unbinding

Books Ireland Magazine

Alison Wassell | The Scar that Runs Through Your Bottom Lip

Briefly Write

Alison Wassell | The Space Between Us

Cease, Cows

Myna Chang | Blackberry Nights

Edinburgh Flash Fiction Award

Jane Broughton | Alice Under The Table (COMMENDED)

Ellipsis Zine

Cath Barton | He Waits

Hannah Sutherland | A Sense of Commotion on the Sixth Floor

Karen Walker | One Penny Sit-up, Two Penny Hang

Martha Lane | Marzipan

Martha Lane | Surviving the Swamp

Rebecca Field | The Trolley Collector

Sarah McPherson | Half and Whole

Todd Clay Stuart | Mom Has Taken Up Rage Coloring

Fairfield Scribes

Karin Hedetniemi | Colorless

Fictive Dream

Emily Macdonald | Hangar Straight

Five South

Melissa Llanes Brownlee | Or Else

Timothy Boudreau | Hurricane Penelope

Flash Flood

Brid McGinley | On Not Wanting to Swim in Winter

Georgiana Nelsen | Perilous Rocks and Shallows

Joyce Bingham | When the curator is a wolf in disguise

Laila Miller | Dreams of a Lizard

Lauren Voeltz | Basketball Girls

Lucy C Hooft | Cello on the Bus

Melissa Fitzpatrick | A Melody You've Never Heard

Melissa Llanes Brownlee | A girl

Nora Nadjarian | The Mournful Cigarette

Sharon Boyle | Trinity

Sudha Balagopal | Patience and Philanthropy

Flash 500

Chris Cottom | If I Could Only Find One Word (THIRD PLACE)

The Forge

Fiona McKay | Scattered

Fractured Lit

Sudha Balagopal | Sapphire Eye

Free Flash Fiction

Alison Wassell | Superman Smiles (FIRST PLACE)

Alison Wassell | The Upcycler

Cathy Lennon | Housebound

Chris Cottom | Things I Can’t Forget from Six Days That Summer

Emily Macdonald | The Sun Still Insists Upon Rising

Kate Axeford | My Sister the Violin

Martha Lane | Trespassing with Mum

Gone Lawn

Laura Besley | Conditions for Living


Laila Miller | Catching the Bus

Hypertext Magazine

Sudha Balagopal | Happy Birthday

Idle Ink

Alison Wassell | Room

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Janus Literary

Amanda Saint | Things Left Behind in an Oxfordshire Field in 1989 the Day after an Illegal Rave

Sarah McPherson | Illumination

The Molotov Cocktail

Abi Hennig | Chuckles

Noémi Scheiring-Oláh | Grizzly Feed

Moonpark Review

Abbie Barker | We're Still Here

National Flash Fiction Day

Anne Howkins | A Cyclist (HIGHLY COMMENDED)

Northern Gravy

Martha Lane | Needs and Wants and Haves in the Marmoset Enclosure

Orchid's Lantern

Lindz McLeod | Thief

The Phare

Ruth Brandt | The problem with thinking

Porch LitMag

Elisa Dominique Rivera | A People Pleaser’s Six Course Meal

Portland Review

Eleonora Balsano | How to use after in a sentence

Potato Soup Journal

Karen Schauber | Inside is Music

Reflex Fiction

Alison Wassell | The Contents of Miss Cathcart’s Classroom Cupboard (FOURTH PLACE)

Anne Howkins | My Daughter Is a Fishing Net

Catherine Ogston | Leaving is the Most Dangerous Time

Jan Kaneen | The Quiet

Jane Broughton | One Careful Owner

Jeanine Skowronski | Cuffing Season (SECOND PLACE)

Laila Miller | Return to the Farm

Nora Nadjarian | Behind the Scenes (FOURTH PLACE)

Nora Nadjarian | She Is the Ball in the Pinball Machine

Philip Charter | Bin Day

Ruth Bradshaw | Things I Read the Year I Turned Twelve, Including the Ones I Wasn’t Supposed to See

S A Greene | Or Are We Always Only Dreaming?

Sharon Boyle | My Sister, the Lamp (THIRD PLACE)

Reservoir Road Literary Review

Kim Steutermann Rogers | Eyes

Roi Fainéant Press

Alison Wassell | Blind Eyes And Wandering Hands

Hanne Larsson | The Last Birthday Party

Joyce Bingham | The Knife Thrower's Assistant

Karen Walker | My brother is my dog

Nora Nadjarian | Chick-la

Scrawl Place

Amy Barnes | Our Marriage Died at the Dead Sea

The Serulian

Shrutidhora P Mohor | Safekeep

Sledgehammer Lit

Karen Schauber | The Night Rider

South Florida Poetry Journal


Strands Publishing

Sudha Balagopal | Vessel (HONOURABLE MENTION)


Cole Beauchamp | Your mother is a grizzly bear

TSS Publishing

Kathy Hoyle | Breathe (THIR PLACE)

Twin Pies Literary

Laurie Marshall | Some of Your Favorite Things Aren’t Made to Last

Vestal Review

Shrutidhora P. Mohor | It Could Be Easy or Tough

West Word

Alison Wassell | Mary From Hull

X-Ray Lit Mag

Todd Clay Stuart | My Father's House Has Many Rooms

Your Impossible Voice

Amy Marques | Honest

100 Word Story

Sam Payne | After attending an anti-war protest in Hyde Park

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