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Writer Resources

Little Bits and Bobs to Help the Writing Community at Large

Sending your Work out into the World

List of Literary Publications

A PDF list of over 200 literary publications accepting unsolicited short stories, flash fiction or poetry. Details are given for each publication, including word limits, genres, submission windows and website address.

List of Writing Competitions

Database for all kinds of writing competitions at WritingCompetitions.org

Lists competitions for novels, shorts stories, flash fiction, poetry, film, theatre, creative non-fiction etc.

Taking your Writing to the Next Level

Taking Your Writing To The Next Level

A handy crib sheet with ten top tips for improving your writing.

Effective Editing & Critique

A thorough check list of how to go about editing/critiquing and what to look out for while you are doing it. Includes a four stage foolproof methodology.

The Importance of Feedback

A blog post at Lucent Dreaming about finding critique partners, how to ask for feedback, giving effective critique and using feedback to its best advantage

Template for Character Building

A template that can be used to create the details for a new character.

Describing Faces

An extensive list of over 400 words and expressions to describe everything from face shape to hairstyle, eyebrows to the colour of a character's skin

Describing Personality

An extensive list of over 500 adjectives to describe someone's characteristics grouped into words to describe kindness, exuberance, intelligence, bravery, activity etc.

Talk Words

An extensive list of verbs and related expressions to help describe how a character speaks